Saucon Resources is a leading supplier of Mill Scale and other Ferrous materials for industrial re-use. We can offer quality materials for your application whether it be iron making, cement manufacturing or other needs. Mill scale can screened and sized to meet your specifications and quality needs. Our company currently has volumes ranging from several hundred tons to thousands of tons. Spot purchases or long term contracts are welcomed.

We have included images and short videos of some of our recent sales, both domestic and export.

Starting to Load a barge on a U.S. River using a chute and trucks. This is a very simple and efficient loading process when conditions allow.

mill scale loading-1


Partially loaded barge.



Loading a barge with a crane and clam. The mill scale is loaded from Truck to Bin, from bin to Barge. This was done to increase loading safety.



The same process in a short video.



Past Sales Performance