Industries in the U.S. and abroad use a multitude of raw materials, minerals and chemicals to produce products. Our company has for years specialized in sourcing raw materials for companies in need. Is your company under a current contract with a supplier for raw materials needed in your manufacturing process? You would be surprised at how much money can be saved by re-bidding these materials needs. For minerals, byproducts and even logistics services we may be able to reduce costs and improve your earnings. Although Saucon Resources does specialize in FE related materials, we have the knowledge and resources to procure many other bulk raw materials. Basalt sand, fillers, heavy aggregates, oxides and crushed stone are a few we can help with. With many years of doing business both at the corporate and private levels we have compounded a large list of contacts and producers. Please allow our Team the opportunity to server your companies needs for bulk materials.

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