works closely with mills and is a qualified to be a reseller of ferrous materials including Mill Scale. We provide a quality product that meets your standards and the Regulatory Bodies. The standard MSDS for a typical mill scale is included below. This Mill Scale MSDS is for personal reference use only and is not to be reproduced.


We act as both mill scale buyers and sellers. Our company is currently offering volumes of bulk mill scale from 500 Net Tons per month up to 4500 Net Tons monthly or as needed. All agreements and sales contracts are subject to prior sale. If your company is in need of a materials for Cement/Clinker manufacturing we have several options that are strategically located throughout the U.S. and priced to meet your budget.

Why you need a Mill scale MSDS?

A Mill Scale MSDS is an important document generally needed when transporting or storing mill scale and other byproducts. The MSDS available here is for personal reference only, please request the Mill Scale MSDS for the materials you are buying, transporting or using.

Our company can offer alternatives to Mill Scale for those companies that cannot use this material due to patents or restrictions, FE blends can be processed for your proprietary needs. Fe Grits, fines and metallic powders are available upon request. These materials can meet specific gravity and weight minimums needed for heavy aggregates in several industries. We can supply volume from 500 tons up to several thousand tons per month. The materials we supply will be screened clean, sized and meet your specification. The materials will also have the proper Mil Scale MSDS accompanying the shipments. If your company currently need scales or oxides please provide your specifications, volume and any logistical challenges. Supplies are available nationwide and for export, our experience will help provide a smooth transaction.

Mill Scale MSDS with all materials we sell