Domestic and Export Sales

We Would Like to Be Your Mill Scale Suppliers

Saucon Resources would like the opportunity to be your mill scale suppliers. This material was once considered a waste stream but with the heavy depletion of standard scrap many Iron/Steel producers have started using mill scale to add FE units. Many other industries also use mill scale such as the Cement Industry, Pigments and several more. Quality is the key factor when purchasing materials, moisture & oil content are very important. A material that is free of debris, contaminants and is sized to your specific needs. Our company has years of experience in preparing, storing and delivering recyclable materials.

Mill Scale Suppliers

Mill Scale Suppliers for any Volume

We specialize in sourcing clean, ready to ship materials. Currently we have materials suitable for the cement industry in both cost and quality. Those looking for mill scale to add FE units or possibly for export can also benefit from our experience and supply ability. Simply send us your needed specifications, volume, location and if possible pricing. We will get back to you quickly with a quote.

iron mill scale

Wholesale Mill Scale Supplier

Is your company looking for mill scale suppliers or wholesale mill scale ? We have materials available and we are highly qualified mill scale sellers with years of experience. The materials we offers come directly from mill scale manufacturers and are screened, ready to ship. Do you need a specific mill scale specification? We can blend or upgrade materials to meet your needs. Some applications require specifications that may call for more or less iron content, no oil content or specific sizing. Let our experience help your material purchase be seamless and professional. Currently we can supply mill scale from several vantage points throughout the U.S. including sea ports advantageous to export sales. Contact our team of experienced professionals to get started.

Mill Scale Specification