Superior Material for Granules

Natural weathering processes can damage your roof shingles very quickly, if you do not get the assistance of a professional in the construction industry helping you to decide on what the best shingles are for your roofing project. Most homeowners have in mind the look of the final work and make a decision that favors the selection of ceramic, asphalt or wood shingles that have an appealing design, but manufactured with roofing granules that make them an inadequate choice when roofing is planned with durability in mind.

Sand shingle granules produce shingles which porosity contributes to the development of algae and mold that may appear faster in climates where rain is the common weather of the area. On the other hand, the humidity in the environment may also contribute with quick shingle deterioration, the reason why GreenSand Corporation thought to enroll in the Michigan Microloan Fund Program back in 2010. The funds that this company received was invested in the development and commercialization of their core product G-Sand, which is manufactured from recovered copper mining waste that is found in Michigan’s Lake Superior shoreline.

G-Sand shingle granules are used at this time for the production of more durable shingles that are best suited for roofing projects that require little maintenance and long-lasting usability. Copper roofing granules have a superior hardness that extends the useful life of both shingles and roofs. Because the material preserves the binding property of the slag that is also obtained from copper waste, shingle granules hold the particles together contained in every shingle, resulting in a non-porous product that does not require extra coating, although it can be added as an extra protection.

However, cooper-roofing granules do not contribute to the development of algae, which is the main roofing problem besides structural fixtures, or inadequate or clogged roof drainage. Although, different roofing systems have different decking requirements, shingles with roofing granulate are adequate for the most common, either fastening cleats directly to the roof deck or having cleats secured to battens.

Although, many people prefer cold rolled cooper sheets for copper roofing, it is undeniable that shingles are still the preferred choice of most homeowners, and the products that GreenSand Corporation produces help people to get a traditional roof, that is superior in resistance and durability, but that physically does not look different from other roofs made up of asphalt shingles.

Shingles manufactured with GreenSand roofing granules are not prone to have mineral loss that naturally occurs with aging, lack of protective coating, wrong maintenance or washing systems, nor the use of defective roofing products. Contact a professional in the construction industry to learn more about the benefits of renewing your roof with G-Sand products.